the art of dining

Schloss Lieser - Autograph Collection

the art of dining

Puricelli Restaurant

the art of dining

Schloss Lieser - Autograph Collection


The Puricelli restaurant is open from Monday until Sunday evening from 18:00 until 21.30 pm. If you wish to book a table, please call +49 6531 986990 or send an e-mail to Please note that our in-house guests will have priority on restaurant reservations. However we will do our very best to accommodate you in the best way possible.

Unfortunately dogs are not allowed in our restaurants.

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Caviar from the Prunier manufactory

Indulge in the ultimate culinary experience at Puricelli Restaurant, where we proudly offer Prunier Caviar. Immerse yourself in the exquisite world of refined flavors and let the unparalleled quality of Prunier Caviar pamper your palate.

Schloss Lieser - Autograph Collection
oysters, shell fish, seafood


Indulge in fresh oysters served with classic lemon, shallot vinaigrette, and an exotic Asian sauce. A treat for discerning palates.

Digestif from Lieser

Sit back and enjoy the finest brandies from the Kuntz distillery, which repeatedly win awards. The taste experiences are exciting, the realisation of how clearly the types and varieties of fruit can be recognised in his brandies and spirits is fascinating.

Schloss Lieser - Autograph Collection

Eduard Puricelli

The Puricelli restaurant is named in honour of the founding Puricelli family. The factory owner Eduard Puricelli (1826-1893) married the daughter of the then owner in 1854. He and and his wife Hyacinthe had two sons as well as a daughter called Maria Puricelli (*1855). The former residence was extended into a country villa in the neo-Renaissance style in 1884-1887. Maria married the Prussian politician Clemens von Schorlemer in 1880 and became the sole heiress of the Puricelli estate in 1899. In 1896-1906, von Schorlemer extended the castle in the Art Nouveau style (around 1900) and the country villa was transformed into Schloss Lieser. In the Restaurant Puricelli, you dine under imperial observation. In honor of the friendship between Kaiser Wilhelm II. and the Puricelli family, his portrait hangs on the wall.

Puricelli Foundation

150 Years of Puricelli's Foundation

The Puricelli'sche Stiftung Rheinböllen was founded on 9 November 1864. Established as the Rheinböllen Catholic Orphanage Foundation by Heinrich and Eugénie Puricelli in lasting memory and in execution of the intentions of their deceased daughter Jenny Puricelli, as well as for the spiritual and physical welfare of the inhabitants of Rheinböllen and the surrounding area, it was considerably expanded by Franziska Puricelli and structurally realised from 1884 onwards, and still exists today. Until 1973, Catholic nuns ran an orphanage and a hospital in the foundation buildings. Subsequently, the facility was run by an entrepreneur as a home for the elderly and disabled. In 2006, the Franciscan Brothers of the Holy Cross took over the old people's and nursing home. After the construction of a new building in the immediate vicinity, the main building dating back to the time of the founders was converted into flats suitable for the elderly in 2013.

The foundation