the art of sustainability

The clean air, the exceptional natural landscape and the undisturbed location are the real attractions of Schloss Lieser. We live and love our location and therefore attach great importance to "Sustainable Entrepreneurship". A sustainable corporate culture is a given for us. A sustainable commitment is most credible when it contributes comprehensibly and permanently to social and ecological improvements as well as to the success of the company.

A sustainable commitment is most credible when it makes a traceable and lasting contribution to social and ecological improvements as well as to the company's success. In this context, we have been certified by GreenSign in 2023.

We are proud to have achieved Level 4 out of 5. Level 4 means that all mandatory and the vast majority of other sustainability criteria are met.

Nature conservation

Schoss Lieser is committed to nature conservation in the region at various levels.

Energy efficiency

All construction measures meet the highest energy efficiency standards, are optimised for thermal insulation and are therefore particularly energy-efficient.


Our lighting is almost 100% LED technology and is timer- and motion-controlled to avoid unnecessary energy consumption.

Waste and leftovers

The waste at Schloss Lieser is not only strictly separated and disposed of, but also - if possible - processed regionally. For example, we work with Refood, which collects our food waste and processes it as animal feed. Even leftover cooking fat is collected in a bin and reprocessed by Refood as an energy source.

Purchasing cooperations

Purchasing cooperations with hotels in the group of companies reduce the travel distances for fresh food and all other goods.

Environmental protection

By actively supporting our guests in the economical use of towels, we also contribute to environmental protection. Due to the high environmental standards of Marriott International, we have already dispensed with plastic straws and plastic in the rubbish bins since the opening of Schloss Lieser and separate the rubbish in our rubbish bins in the hotel rooms and suites.

Environmentally friendly building materials

Environmentally friendly building materials are used in our company. For example, we largely use recycled wood from Europe for furniture and fittings in the facilities. Wherever appropriate, we use antique furniture and materials instead of new products, also in the area of wall coverings, floor coverings and for façade cladding.

Regional & European wine

Our wines come from top regional wineries such as Mosel, Rheinhessen, Nahe or Pfalz, which are renowned worldwide. In addition, we also offer European wines in our wine assortment.

Charging station for e-cars

Our charging station for e-cars enables environmentally friendly arrival and departure. With our e-bikes, you can also explore the beautiful Moselle in a natural, healthy and environmentally friendly way.