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The Spa & Wellness area at Schloss Lieser is a sanctuary tucked away from the bustle of modern life which can fulfil any of your desire. An oasis of relaxing activities awaits you. You will be able to enjoy our indoor swimming pool, several sauna’s and a steam bath. Book a personalized beauty treatment or massage and lie down afterwards in one of our relaxing rooms. Our fitness area is the perfect place to work out and beneficiate from a personal training.




“Good mood” facial massage 20 min €39

Relaxing shoulder/neck massage 20 min €39



“Back relax” – Relaxing back massage with an aromatic oil of your choice 30 min €59

“Back & Legs Relaxed” – Massage for the back of the body, relaxing the spine and leg muscles 45 min €89

“Full body massage KING SIZE” – The gentle full body massage with natural aromatic oil enables absolute deep relaxation Rest, feel good and find yourself 60 min €119


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Detox jewel

Energetic relaxing foot massage The soles of the feet reflect the organs of our body. Targeted areas on the feet and soles are stimulated and massaged by hand. This will help the body detoxify, incl. alkaline-mineral gemstone foot bath promoting better overall health.

45 min. 89€

without foot bath 30 min. 59 €


Gemstone massage with rose quartz

Gemstone massage with rose quartz Enveloped in the delicate scent of precious rose care oil For your back, legs and arms with harmonizing Gentle massage with with rose quartz.  45 min €99



The word LOMI means “knead, press, rub” and the doubling of the word increases this meaning many times over. The body is in long flowing strokes activated, mindfully and respectfully. Tensions, gently dealt with in depth. In the process, the body is relaxed and slightly stretched. Lomi brings deep tranquility, relaxation, peace and harmony. Special oils and Hawaiian music accompany this beneficial “queen of massages” LOMI full body massage.

60 min. 149 €

90 min. 179 €


Be in harmony

Singing bowl sound bathing massage; meditative deep relaxation Nepalese singing bowls played gently on the body convey a feeling of calm and security. The vibrations also reach deeper cell levels and serve to activate self-healing powers and life energy Blockages are gently released and the life energy gets flowing. 60 min €119


GRAPE seed peeling

Back peeling with ground grape seeds and alkaline body care salts and ground gemstones. The gentle cleansing has a circulation-enhancing effect, removes impurities, dead skin cells and gives the skin a soft, velvety feel. The subsequent relaxing back massage with Organic grape seed oil completes the peeling. 45 min €109


Hot Stone

Muscle relaxation with the hot stone massage. Massage with volcanic stones and aromatic oil pamper body and soul and specifically relieve tension. 60 min €119



Ayurvedic Art
The silk glove massage is a stimulation of the skin with raw silk gloves and is performed without the use of massage oil. It promotes blood circulation in the connective tissue and helps with feelings of cold and tiredness. Promotes lymph flow, reduces cellulite, skin cells are gently removed.  For a velvety-soft skin feeling. Finished with a short rubbing with oil. 45 min €109



“UWE” Basic

For her or for him – quick & effective

Cleaning, peeling, ampoule and final care 30 min 69 €



Deep cleaning for a clear and even skin texture. Cleaning, tonic, Vitazyme peeling, facial massage and final care tailored to your skin type. 45 min. 99 €


“CESAR” men’s treatment

Cleaning, peeling, ampoule or serum, facial massage, optionally with face or ice effect mask and final lip and face power care. 45 min. 109 €


“FREDERIKE” PREMIUM – With active plant ingredients.

Cleaning, enzyme peeling, ampoule, facial massage, eye care and final care tailored to your skin type. 60min. 139 €


“XENIA” VIP Lounge Deluxe – Meets the special needs of the skin.

Skin tightening, detoxifying and intensive moisture. Cleaning, eyebrow correction, peeling, tonic, facial massage, eye care, special mask and final care. 75 min. 169 €