Moselstraße 33, 54470 Lieser, Germany



Familienwappen Killaars

Despite the prominent exclusive location of Schloss Lieser at the riverside of the Moselle in the most romantic wine village Lieser, the castle almost disappeared into oblivion. For decades it was sleeping mysteriously hidden behind ivy and brambles. A victim of decay.

A visionary was needed to awaken Schloss Lieser and turn it into a luxury hotel to ensure the rediscovery of the building’s magnificent splendor. After a long time, Family Killaars took this challenge with passion and started an extensive restoration.

The family has it roots in the Netherlands and as a lot of expertise in restoring monuments. Specifically Nellie Killaars gave the buildings it’s soul back with her fine sense of colors and furnishings. Measures where taken to ensure that the buildings true original style was kept, from the outside and from the inside. Bringing back its Baronial splendor.

Mr. Killaars together with his team take the decisions. Mr Gubbels, on site manager of Schloss Lieser, ensures the planning and implementation of the entire project.

Renovated Mansion Roermond

Renovated Mansion Roermond

In a few months, the doors will finally open. First guests will have the honor to feel the splendor and glory in the same way Schorlemer/Puricelli experienced it. Enjoy, rest and sleep in the noble chambers where once Kaiser Wilhelm stayed before.